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Every so often I write a post about how much I love, and I think it’s particularly useful for devs in busy offices trying to get into the zone without any distractions. Working in a small team, I have almost the opposite problem - when everyone has their headphones on, it’s too quiet for me. But when music is too big a distraction and I’m dancing in my seat more than I’m concentrating on code, myNoise is the solution. It boosts my concentration by giving my need for sound something to grab onto.

That’s just one possible use for myNoise. I’ve also used it for meditation, sleep, and anxiety reduction, as well as noise blocking in noisy environments. I’ve spent hours creating generator stacks for different purposes. Here’s my kitty headache cure, for example. Or this drone backed by African polyrhythms, that I made yesterday when I was feeling contemplative. When I was a teacher, I’d use soundscapes to help classes with creative writing, or just to calm them down.

TL:DR; this site is incredibly useful for a number of purposes and I can’t recommend it enough.

thanks for reading! Joey x

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