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Reframe Women in Tech conference

Reframe Women in Tech conference

Huge congratulations to Beckie Taylor and the Tech Returners team for organising the exceptional Reframe WIT conference yesterday! It was a brilliant day with much to enjoy and much more to go home and think over afterwards. It's taken me a little while to process everything that I've learned over the day - coming off a weekend doing Hack Manchester, I'm absolutely exhausted. But here are some of my highlights from the day:

Harriet Ryder

My former mentor from Northcoders days, now working with Tech Returners and Codebar, talked about the things she's learned from coaching and mentoring so many people in the tech world over the past three years. She might not have a background in education, but her experience has given her a lot of excellent insight into how people learn, and by extension the best way people can be taught new skills by an expert.

Key point: Use compassionate language - no "only", "just" or "simply".

Twitter: @harri_etty

Penny Haslam

Speaking of experts, Penny says that we are all experts! She had some excellent advice on getting exposure for yourself and your achievements, framing it in the sense that you need to be the mayor of your own town, and that you need to have ideas about your campaign issues and your campaign trail in order to reach the people you want to hear you. She very kindly signed a copy of her new book, Make Yourself A Little Bit Famous, for me - can't wait to dig in and read!

Key point: Having knowledge, experience and passion makes you an expert.

Twitter: @PennyHaslam

Stacey Copeland

I'm not a follower of sports in the slightest, but I'm absolutely following Stacey now. Hearing how she had to overcome - and still has to overcome - so many struggles in the worlds of football and boxing was so moving. Imagine having to cut your hair because some shitty parent didn't want you playing football with the boys! Or a boxing promoter telling you to get a "sugar daddy"! In 2019! Stacey is in the process of setting up the Pave the Way charity to ensure that future generations in sport don't have to deal with the same obstacles.

Key point: If you know your why, you can endure almost any how.

Twitter: @scopelandboxer

thanks for reading! Joey x

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